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Hello, I have my own navigation on the slides, as well as the custom made submit button on the quiz slides. The Next and Back buttons are checked off.  I just noticed that when you click on the Review quiz button on the results slide, you cannot move forward (no next button).  What to do?

Thanks for any help with this, Anna

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Anna Sompolska

I am using Storyline 2.  The course has been attached.  Also, if you notice, Storyline distorts the font Century Gothic and creates a space before or after the letter V.  Is there a remedy for it.  If not, is there a way to change the font on all the slides at the same time?

Thanks, Anna

Wendy Farmer

Hi Anna

see if the attached works for you.

I've created a T/F variable called 'review' which is default to false. I added a trigger on the review button on the results slide to adjust the variable to true when the user clicks.

On each quiz slide I copied your custom prev/next buttons and set them to a hidden state. I then added triggers to each button to change the state to normal when the timeline starts on condition that the variable 'review' = true.

Because of the Correct/Incorrect banner that displays on the quiz slides on review I've had to move the prev/next buttons up on the slide which may or may not work for you. Visually they are not aligned with your content buttons on the other slides.

If you don't want to use your custom buttons, you can do the same with the built in player prev/next buttons. Using the cog wheel icon in the slide properties of each quiz slide check the prev/next buttons so they appear on the slide. Then add triggers: to each quiz slide OR to the slide master layout that you use for the quiz slides.

Change state of Next button to normal when timeline starts on quiz slide on condition variable 'review' = true

Change state of Prev button to normal when timeline starts on quiz slide on condition variable 'review' = true

Change state of Next button to hidden when timeline starts on quiz slide.

Change state of Prev button to hidden when timeline starts on quiz slide.

Hope that helps - shout out if you need any assistance or something doesn't make sense.


Wendy Farmer

Hi Anna

not sure about the space before or after with Century Gothic. 

SL360 has a find and replace font but SL2 doesn't have that feature - as a workaround you could try File > Translation > Export which will export your file to a word document. You could change the font in the document (do not change the file name) save it, then do a File > Translation > Import - that may work for you.

Remember to save your .story file before you do the export so you have a backup if it goes awry.


Wendy Farmer

Hi Anna

not sure why - result slides can be finicky when you import them from one file to another and it's best not to delete them so I removed your result slide and put it into another scene.

I then added in a new one.  I tried to reformat as you had it you'll just need to check it.  Adding in a fresh result slide has created four more system variables and the result is now showing as it should be.  

Hope this helps

Nina Huber

Hello Wendy

Thank you for your helpful explanations, unfortunately it seems like I'm doing something wrong with the implementation. So it would be wonderful if you could help me.

In my file (see attachment) I have created a variable named "Review4", this variable is set to "false" by default. After that I have set a trigger on slide 1.3, which should cause the variable to change to "true" as soon as the "Quiz noch einmal ansehen" button on the bottom has the state "visited". On slide 9.1 I have afterwards inserted previous and next buttons, each with the triggers "Change state of Next button to normal when timeline starts on quiz slide on condition variable 'Review4' = true". Furthermore, I set the previous and the next button to hidden when timline starts. This way I wanted the two buttons to appear on the quiz review (which is triggered by the button "Quiz noch einmal ansehen" on slide 1.3), but they don't. What am I doing wrong?

For now I have only created this one case as an example, of course the aim would be to adjust it later on throughout the project.

Many thanks and best wishes,