Review Quiz using html5

Hi, I have a issue with a quiz. I have a question bank of questions. Five questions are selected randomly. I want learners to be able to review the questions to see which they got incorrect. This works perfectly in the html version. However, many of our learners do this on their iphones. When they launch the html5 version, the review functionality isn't working. 

When I first click the Review Quiz button after completing the quiz, the screen freezes. The only way to get it going again is to refresh the browser. This brings up the 'Do you want to resume' message. After clicking yes, the Results slide displays again. I click the Review Quiz button again. This time the questions do display, with correct/incorrect banner at the bottom, but it displays these results in quick succession (and not all five questions display - usually only 3-4). I can't do anything except watch them race by until I get back to the results screen again. I click the Review Quiz button for a third time, and the questions display again, this time giving me the ability to look at the screen and move on using Next. However, even then only 3-4 of my 5 questions can be reviewed.

I have attached the published file. Is there anything that I can do to get the quiz review working first time in the html5 version. (I am using Storyline 2).

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Gabrielle for sharing your file here with us. I took a look at the file and I saw you had created your own Review button vs. enabling it from the Results slide properties. I would recommend using the built in review button as it'll include the correct triggers and ensure that nothing else wonky occurs within the file. I tried importing the file into a new file to try and resolve any odd behavior that could be happening with that button, and when testing the course within Chrome desktop HTML5 I still saw the odd behavior where the course freezes on the start of the review and then automatically jumps through the slides after a resume. I also noticed some other odd things in terms of not seeing your feedback layers even though they're enabled and you have a custom review layer. I'm going to open a Support case on your behalf so that we can take a deeper look at this file as it seems there are a number of different elements not working.