Review results from quiz slide when user clicks submit


I was just wondering if there is a way to make the results show automatically after the user clicks the submit button?

Right now I have a results slide after a quiz slide, which means that the user have to click 'submit', then 'continue' to get to the results slide. Then they have to click 'review', followed by the 'next' button to close the review, and THEN 'next' again to progress to the next slide. There must be a way to cut down on the number of clicks, isn't there?  

 I would just like the user to take the quiz and submit the results, see the review, a short feedback text and then click next and progress to the next slide - is that possible without having to do everything manually?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Lucia! 

This thread is a bit dated.

Are you saying that you do not want the user to progress through the quiz for the review via the Results Slide?

This is not something that is available as a standard, but perhaps the threads here and here may assist and inspire you.

If not, hopefully someone in the community can chime in and assist.