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Jun 04, 2019

Hey everyone, I am setting up a graded quiz in storyline, and have a question about the review results function. I want people to be able to see what they got incorrect before they retake the quiz, but not have that review give them the correct answers. So I have a button that's using a review results trigger and "Review only incorrect questions" is marked.

I also have this review results button showing if they passed. You can pass the quiz with 90%, which means you can miss one question. I want the review button there for those that missed one question so they can go back and look at it if they choose.

The issue is that if you get 100%, clicking the button does nothing. This is because I unmarked "Show correct/incorrect responses when reviewing" to ensure they weren't told what the correct answer was for the questions they missed.

Is there anything I can do to avoid the experience of the button doing nothing for those that get 100%, without messing up my other goals for the learner experience?

Thank you!

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Joshua Crigger

Hi Karen,

Thanks for reaching out. You can set up a simple condition on the review button change it's state to 'Hidden' if the Results.ScorePercent is equal to or greater than 100%. This will ensure that if the learner scores 100% they are not shown the Review button.

Here is a quick peek showing you the setup and here is a great article for using trigger based variables in your course.

Does this help?

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