Review results page - How to get rid of pre-generated correct bar

Hi everyone,

I just created a results slide and would like to turn this into a review recommendation slide.  

The intent is for the learner to be able to review the options they chose.  I am hoping to get rid of the "Correct" feedback that appears automatically once the review recommendation (originally review quiz) button is pressed.  

I have tried to make corrections in the feedback master and also unchecked the "Show correct/incorrect responses when reviewing" in the trigger wizard but I cannot seem to hide the block. 

The learner is able to get rid of it when the hit the x but I would like for it not to show at all. I attached a screenshot for reference.

Is there a way to hide this?

Many thanks,

Mary Rose




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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Shannon! Thanks for letting us know you'd like to remove the built-in Correct and Incorrect feedback bar that appears during quiz review. 


While there's not a built-in feature for editing the banner, you can cover it with a shape that matches the background of the slide. Simply add the shape to the 'Review Feedback' feedback master layout. I hope that helps!