Review slide - do not want users to see results

Hello, it seems that to have quiz answers go to an LMS a Review slide must be added.  Is this correct?  How is a review slide added w/o the users seeing their scores?  There are different types of quiz questions that are included in the quiz: multiple choice, T/F, drag and drop, essay. All will be sent to the LMS, however the essay questions will have to be pulled from the LMS and manually graded by a person, then a final score will be calculated. 

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Lynn Cadigan

Thank you for your response!

My slide now looks like the first attachment. The other attachment shows the triggers. Is the "Submit results 1.103 Result slide...When the timeline starts" the trigger that sends the results to the LMS?


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Randy Hill

Lynn, as a side note, you don't have to display anything on a results slide if you don't want to. The results that are sent to the LMS are tracked on the backend and submitted through the trigger for the slide. Just any of the results slides and then you can delete anything you want to off of it. As long as the results slide is set to track the questions you want, they will be submitted when the timeline starts.