Review slides not working with custem buttons


I've created a test wihout "previous, next and submit" button. I've created my own button with the trigger "Submit interaction with the user clicks" and the test works fine but...

when i choose to review the quizz, that buttons does not work to advance and review the questions. If I activated the "previous, next" works fine.

Any suggestions how to get this working without using that buttons or the possibility to place the player buttons in another position. 

The question is that that buttons really crack the look of the course.


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Juanjo Haro

Hi, Rebecca

I just create a symbol and copy the trigger from the submit button. I've discovered when it does not work... whn you have feedback, without feedback, it works fine... when you put feedback you can advance... that's could be a big problem cause sometimes the client wants feedback in the quizzs...