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Aug 08, 2012

Is anybody working with teams of SMEs, clients, etc. to review lessons created in storyline?

I'm so used to getting comments like, "You know on the slide, where the guy comes in and says that thing? That is where I think we need to change  the words."

The one we are working on doesn't have the menu in the side bar, but I'm thinking I could publish a review copy that does have that. And then teach my reviewers to give me the title of the slide.

Does anybody else have ideas or tips for the review process?

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Bob S

This topic of the logisitics of SME/Stakeholder review seems to come up over and over.

In the advertising world there are lots of services/sites available that allow content to be reviewed, marked up, and the comments catalogued. Many even include review database and reviewer management features. I'm told this kind of remote review tool has become a "standard" amongst the best agencies that allow them to work remote artists/designers around the world.

Sadly there seems to be a hole for this kind when it comes to e-learning courses.

When I investigated this late last year, there were precious few options available to remotely review and comment on interactive Flash content (plenty for non-interactive Flash video). And only one I could find aimed directly at e-learning.

Seems to me there is a TREMENDOUS OPPORTUNITY for the folks at Articulate to leverage not only their authoring tool expertise but also LMS experience to offer this service...

onEnterFrame (James Kingsley)

Hey all,

Not sure if you found a solution for this… We were having issues getting good reviews from SMEs, stakeholders, etc. so we created our own solution.  It will automatically track what slide they are on for us. We can upload our courses to the cloud and send review invites to people. All the comments are collected in one place. Plus it has Screenr built into it. It’s been working really great for us and we decided to open it up to others.

You can check it out at



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