Review Team Prefers Script in Word Format, but...

Feb 24, 2020


My project has one slide that functions as a table of contents.  It appears at the beginning of the course, and you return to it as you finish each section.

The trouble is, my review team wants a Word document when reviewing the script.  If I publish to Word, all the slides print out in a semi-random order, and I have to put them all in the right order - kinda tedious - before distributing it.

Previously I designed courses with Presenter, where it worked fine to set up everything in a linear way; this return-to-the-opening-slide is a new type of design for me.

What would I have to do at this point, to get all the slides to print in the order I want (when publishing to Word)?  I suspect I'll have to divide stuff into scenes, or re-number slides, but I don't wanna start down that path without viewing a tutorial or something to convince me it's the right approach.


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Karen Westphalen

Wow, this is INFURIATING...  I put all my strings of slides (which you'd link to from the opening table-of-contents slide) into individual scenes.  I've tried cutting/pasting the scenes into the correct order, I've tried removing the triggers that link from the table-of-contents slide to each scene and then replacing them in the correct order AND in reverse order, I've tried re-ordering the menu in the player (not sure how that could help, but I saw it in another post and figured I'd have to try anything!), I've tried selecting and de-selecting "Number entries in the menu automatically" in the player.  Nothing helps; the scenes line up in Story view in the order that they choose. 

At the moment, the scenes are perfectly in reverse order of what I want, which makes it seem like I should be able to set up the table-of-contents triggers to those scenes in the opposite order and they'd line up right, but I tried that and it didn't work.  The scenes don't line up in numerical order, so even if I COULD change the scene numbers, that wouldn't make a difference.  Please provide any suggestions if there's anything else I can try here.

Ren Gomez

Hi Karen,

I'm sorry to hear you're running into some issues publishing your course to Word! Thanks for sharing all those details in trying to get the order right, and it's still not working out for you.

Let us lend you a hand! I've opened a case on your behalf with our support engineers, where I'll email you a link to upload your course. They'll do everything they can to suggest the best way to proceed from here.

In the meantime, be sure to review these tips on publishing to Word and see if they help, though it may be possible you've already come across it!

Karen Westphalen

Hi Ren,

Sorry, I ran out of time to respond to your reply a couple months ago; I just printed out what I had and chose not to show the (out-of-order, confusing) menu in the finished course.  HOWEVER: now I'm designing a new course and I'm running into the same problem.  I have an intro slide which links out to 5 different slides, where the learner clicks on a box in the intro slide and then returns to that slide (to click the next box) after visiting the linked slides.  If I set up the triggers in the correct order or the reverse order, it makes no difference - they ALWAYS appear in the WRONG order in Story view.  Why is that?  I set up one other project in this way, where it worked perfectly, and I didn't do anything special or magical or otherwise to get it to function correctly (i.e., in story view, all the branches are in the correct order under the intro slide).

Lauren Connelly

Hi Karen!

I'm so sorry this is still an issue!

I see that Ren opened up a case on your behalf! Our Support Engineers are the right team to take a look at this error. I've replied to you via email in the support case so that we can continue troubleshooting! Please let me know if you didn't receive the email. I encourage you to continue updating our support team so that we can find the fix!

Karen Westphalen

Thanks Lauren.  I got a reply via email from one of the support engineers.  Although the scenes are in reverse order in story view, the slides appear in order in the player menu, so I'll consider that resolved.  Also, a couple people have explained to me that if I need the slides in a different order when publishing to Word, I'll just have to rearrange them once I've created the Word document.  So I'm gonna consider that resolved as well.  I appreciate the responsiveness on this forum - thank you!

Walt Hamilton


Hearing you say you changed the trigger order, and the slides didn't change position reminds me that Story View doesn't always immediately update when slides change position. It is likely that your changes are working, you just aren't seeing the results yet.

I don't know if collapsing and expanding the scenes will force a redraw, but closing and reopening will. Besides, SL works better if it is shut down about once an hour, anyway.

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