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Sarah Morgan

Ah. Well, that might just answer my question then.

The client I'm working for uses Jira for other ticketing issues, so they were asking about embedding a link in the elearning course to create Jira tickets for QAing the elearning course.  

I've seen that method before when QAing courses for others. There was a button in the course that, when clicked, brought up a ticket that you could fill out and submit. The ticket automatically went to a Jira board. I just don't know how they did it, or how to implement that process for my client. However, if I'm understanding you correctly, that's a long and complicated process... yes?


P.S. hope you feel better soon!!

Andreas Aposto

I created this elearning review custom webpage using free web tools to collaborate with the rest of my team, receive immediate feedback of developed eLearning modules from SMEs, Stakeholders, Team Members, and Clients, as well as instantly discuss with SMEs and access all comments in one place http://reviewelearning.weebly.com/

Bhavya Aggarwal

Hi Sarah, 

zipBoard is a tool made to review elearning courses by either uploading SCORM courses or adding a URL of hosted course. It lets you annotate, add comments and assign tasks. You can checkout details here: 


It also integrates with JIRA, that means, once you integrate your project with a JIRA project, any issues that you add from zipBoard, can directly get added to JIRA. 

Let me know, if this help you with your QA process. Would be glad to give you a walkthrough.



James Skelton

You can use the Jira Issue Collector in the html file that Storyline publishes. Just copy the html code that Jira gives you into the story.html file. It's not great as it doesn't really support annotating without saving the file and attaching first. I'm going to try zipboard now as it looks better.

Gerry Wasiluk
Travis Jackson


Do you know the name of the company?



It was, I think, the company, I now consult through.  Again, it went nowhere.  

Need to check if they still use their review or not.  Even though I'm associated with the company, I only saw an overview on it back when I was a learning manager at another company.