Review uploading problem

Jan 18, 2021


I have an issue with my storyline project. I want to publish it on review but it's not working. The upload starts and then stops maybe 10 min later. There is no error messages, it's just the loading bar which is not progressing at all and staying at the same place.
This is a big file with many videos inside. Maybe that's the reason why ? My laptop is doing a very loud sound to save it / publish it.

Many thanks!

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Katie Riggio

Greetings, E-learning Thinkovery team!

I'm with you. It sounds like there might be something in this file causing the publish to break. 

To help us find a fix, could you share:

  • Can you preview the entire file?
  • What happens when you try to publish other Storyline projects to Review 360?

P.S. For speedy help, you can use this case link to share the affected .story file privately with our Support Engineers!