Reviewing a previous section of a course

Hi, E-Learning Heroes!

I am currently working on a course where I would like users to be able to review sections of a course before taking a quiz.

I am using Allison LaMotte's UX design for my courses. This design is great for mobile devices. The design is in the link above.

I have not found a great way to have users review sections without going back to the menu screen. The menu screen has users exit a course after each section is equal to visited.

Does anyone know if there is a variable trigger I could use so users can review different sections of a course before taking a quiz? A fresh set of eyes would be super helpful. Any help or ideas would be awesome!

Thank you!


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Allison LaMotte

Hi Rachel,

So glad to hear that you're making good use of my template! In my mind, there are two simple ways to achieve what you're going for:

1. Adjust the custom pop-up that I've created here (which is actually just a layer on the menu slide) so that instead of 1 button to exit the course there are two buttons:

  • 1 to review the course (trigger: close this layer. Then learners can go back and click on whichever section they'd like to review)
  • 1 to go to quiz

2. Change the "conclusion" button on the "menu" to quiz and "lock" it until learners have seen all the other sections (add condition to jump to trigger: if the state of all the buttons are visited)

Hope that's helpful! Let me know if you need further explanation. :)