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Good afternoon, everyone!

So, I have a bit of an odd and possibly unique problem. I have been using this custom UI template to create my courses. It looks great, and functions well on mobile!...except for quizzes. I have been having a couple of issues, but the main one is that I am having difficulty including an option for users to go back and review previous sections of a course before taking the quiz. I have my quiz housed in its own section, and when I include a back arrow on a quiz introduction slide to go back to the main menu (so users can find the section they wish to review), the Exit Course section appears, and the user has to leave the course, and come back in! Any ideas or workarounds people have been able to use would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

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Rachel Craig

Hi, Christie.

Yes, I have been publishing and testing these courses in Cornerstone, our LMS, the intended environment. I have also been testing it on our company iPads, and it is still acting up.

Here is a demo of one of the courses I am testing. I can't really share the entirety of the course, as there are work issues with doing so. Any help would be great!



Christie Pollick

Hi, Rachel -- Thanks so much for sharing your file, and as I may not be able to provide a response this afternoon, I wanted to note that if you need immediate assistance, you are welcome to reach out to our Support Engineers via this form, as well. (And as always, any files provided to Support Staff would be reviewed with confidentiality). Your patience is appreciated.