Reviewing and Printing Multiple Text Entry Boxes on one slide

Hi Guys,

I have managed to get most of the way on a "multi text entry on one slide" presentation but am having difficulty with a few final tweaks.

When I hit the PRINT RESULTS button on the Results Slide, the answer on my last slide doesn't show up on the printable page. I found that if I have another blank slide (see Question 7 / Slide 1.8) that doesn't get included in the results, the answer to Question 6 then shows up!

Also, when I click Review Survey, the button takes me back to the first slide (which is fine) but then the next button takes you to the next slide, which is purely there as a calculation hidden slide.

Please help me make this perfect!


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Shelley and welcome to Heroes! 

In regards to the Review, what I would do is use an additional variable (T/F) that is adjusted when the user clicks the review button from False to true. Then you could add a condition to your first slide that when the user clicks the next button and the Variable is true - jump to the results slide to pass all the others. You'll still want to include your regular jump to slide next slide trigger, and just place it after this conditional trigger. 

For the print results setting, I did not experience that behavior when I deleted the final question and tested the published version. 

Shelley Parker

Hi Ashley,

The review works great now however, the print results aren't working. Thinking this maybe a software glitch??? Sometimes all student answers appear on the print page, sometimes some show and sometimes none.

I have made up another basic template to test on. Thanks for your time!