Reviewing incorrect answers with comments

When I am building a quiz I want that my learners can review their incorrect answers. Not only showing the correct answer with a tick but also I want give them a kind of comment why this is the correct answer. Hope this is a bit clear, just to confuse you more (maybe):

1. Learners do the quiz, may try it 2 times and then go to next question

2. after finish the quiz there is a review button to view the incorrect answers with the tick which answer is correct and a comment why this is the correct answer.

Is this possible?

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Willem,

1. Use the QUESTION TOOLS to set the number of attempts. The default is 1 attempt. If you set it to a higher number, Storyline automatically adds a Try Again layer. 

2.  Add text to the Post-quiz review field, which can be seen in Form View. 

Storyline will automatically add a Review layer to the question slide. Then you can edit the text either in Form View or Slide View.