Reviewing Quiz + Custom Navigation


I'm creating an e-learning module with a custom navigation bar, the problem I'm having is when the user reviews the quiz my custom navigation will still say submit (the default in storyline is change from submit to next). Obviously i need to change the submit to a next and previous functionality and allow the user to navigate through.

I've though of using a variable to put the quiz into "review mode" and then show/hide layers etc to change the quiz slides so that they are navigatable - does this seem like the right course of action?

Also I think I read on here there is no way to change the layout and position of the review quiz position ( the correct and incorrect banner on screen) is that true?

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Edit - probably a feature request instead of the bottom red banner (which has placed itself on top of the navigation) would it be/or is it possible to turn off this banner and keep the feedback (green tick) there is an option in the results slide screen to "Show correct/incorrect responses when reviewing" so its the oppersite of that.

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Andrew Knowles

Just an update incase anyone else has the same issue. I've managed to hide the correct and incorrect bar with a layer in the quizing questions - which shows a next button and hides the feedback bar with the blue navigation (image at the bottom of the slide) i then turn on a variable which turns on the review mode so when the users see the slide they get my custom nav and can go through the questions - bit of a work around but its working for what I want, hope this helps someone.

david mckisick

We are also not happy with how Storyline handles Quiz Review functionality. It certainly needs to be more customizable. The default behavior forces you to use the built in NEXT button, even though most of our courses will never use that because the default button is unsightly and has no way to hide or change its color if you disable it while a slide is playing. Also, if you want Quiz Review to simply cycle through just the quiz questions in your course without diverging into other content following those questions, you have to build a variable in and then add a condition to the built in next button. Its really very counter intuitive.

There are so many amazing things this product has, but NEXT button functionality and closed captioning need a lot of improvement.