Reviewing quiz results when using multiple question banks

I am currently using multiple question banks for an assessment. When I review the quiz results for those questions, I have no problem reviewing all the questions when moving forward through them. But when I try to review them going backwards, it seems that I am unable to go from one question bank back to another during the review process. Is this a known bug?

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Michael Long

Hi Christie,

Sorry for the delay. I had to strip out proprietary content on the file that I have attached for your review. I left it pretty bare so you can see the mechanics. Here are the two issue I am facing:

 - After the quiz results slide, when I attempt to review my responses. I can advance forward through the questions, but once I advance to the 2nd question bank, I can't go back to the first one again.  Is this a bug?

- The second issue that just came up is that if I retake a quiz, the score seems to reset, as I can see it switch to 0 for a split second. But the retake seems to calculate incorrectly for some reason.

The extra triggers that are in place work as intended. They skip remaining questions in each question bank once the user answers at least one question correctly in each set. So if you answer one question correctly from the first question bank, you advance to the second question bank. The extra triggers also allow the user to get a different question in case they answer incorrectly. The user can go back through previous slides to review and can come back to continuing the quiz without seeing the same question. The scoring is also accurate on the first take. Any retakes, however, seem to cause scoring issues even though I have made sure to set all variables and scores. The Review layer is there just to hide skipped slides on a review.

Can you tell me why I have an issue with scoring of retakes or why going backwards to a previous question bank won't work?

Thanks in advance for you help.

Michael Long

Just as an update, setting question slides to initial state did not resolve the issue, nor did removing the triggers with variables. What did resolve the issue (in a way that changes the way we intend the quiz to work), was not skipping questions during a question bank. So my question regarding scoring of retakes is this?

If I employ skipping of questions in a question bank, why is the score on the first take correct, but not the second take? If the first take isn't marking skipped questions as incorrect, why is the second take doing so?

I also noticed that the quiz is merging scores from the previous take but when I remove the skipping of slides it doesn't. Why is that?

Christie Pollick

Hi, Michael -- I was able to look at your file, and when I tested the published output in the SCORM Cloud, I was able to see the behavior your are describing. I do not believe this is a bug, but rather has to do with your navigation, so for additional investigation of where the issue is occurring, I would like to ask that you work directly with our Support Staff. You can use this link to submit your case, and I will follow along with the ticket. Thank you.