Reviewing quizzes in Storyline before submitting for marking

Hello, could you please tell me if it's possible in a storyline quiz to review your answers at the end of the quiz and make changes to some of the answers if desired before the entire exam is submitted and marked?

I would like to insert the following instruction on the last page of the quiz:

"You can now go back and review your answers, making changes if desired before submitting your exam for marking, by clicking on the REVIEW button."

Thanks for your help,


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Adrian Dean

Hi Lynn,

You can provide feedback on whether they have the wrong answer or not when they initially answer the question. You could also let them have the option of using the previous or next buttons so that they could go back and forth. You could lock the slides down until they answered so them skipping ahead shouldn't be an issue.

Always Happy to Help,


Lynn Rimer Caissy

Thanks Adrian,

I figured out that by unchecking the "submit" button and checking the "prev", "next" buttons and then adding a "confirm that you are ready to submit answers" at the end and adding a trigger that takes the test taker back to the beginning for a review, or forward where they can submit the exam... it all works out.



Leslie McKerchie

Hello MarkAnthony and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

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