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Dec 17, 2018

A colleague of mine was reviewing a quiz she had taken, and asked me why nothing happened when she clicked the "X" in the green bar. (Please see the attached screen shot.)

  1. The "X" intuitively seems like it should do something. 
  2. I love the new "modern" look, but the minimal forward/backward buttons are too minimal for my taste. Therefore, we use our own, and turn off the default buttons. Because of this, the user may not know where to click forward and backward while reviewing their quiz. Do you have any thoughts on how I may address this?

Thank you.

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Katie Riggio

Hi, John!

Thank you for this candid feedback around the Modern Player. Our product team is keen on exploring new features, so I'm going to share your insights with them! If we make changes in those areas, I promise to keep this conversation updated. 

While I'll leave the design tips to our very handy community, I'd love to confirm the the built-in behavior. Although there currently isn't a way to edit the Correct and Incorrect feedback bars that appear along the bottom of the slide, you can create custom review layers. More on that here

I hope this helps, and please feel free to share any other thoughts you have here or via our Feature Request form! 😊

Leslie McKerchie

Hello John,

Great news!  We just released another update for Articulate 360 and included a few important fixes that you'll see in the release notes here.  

The item you'll be interested in is:

Fixed: Learners couldn't close the correct/incorrect banner on question slides during quiz review, and courses sometimes locked up when reviewing or retrying question bank quizzes.

Just launch the Articulate 360 desktop app on your computer and click the Update button for Storyline 360. Details here.

Please let us know if you have any questions, either here or by reaching out to our Support Engineers directly.

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