Reviewing Results in 1 scene behaves differently.

I have a 21 question test that is distributed in 5 scenes.  The user can retry the test and review the test.  When reviewing the tests, questions in all of the scenes, but one behave as expected.  When reviewing the questions in the problem scene, the user is shown  the "incorrect layer".  When reviewing the questions the other scenes, the user is shown the base layer with the default markups for an incorrect or a correct questions.

The slides are set to "automatically" decide what to do when revisiting.  I can't set them to "reset to initial state" because this messes up the review after retrying the test (you only see your original responses).

Does anyone have any suggestions other than me writing a manual review scene for the questions.  I can do that, just looking for another option.




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Elizabeth Levine

When I created a new .story file  and imported the questions into the new file, the review worked fine (see untitled1 attached).  So, I cloned the problematic story file.  Stripped out the questions and imported the questions back from the the attached file.  The problem with reviewing the same four slides re-occurred.  I'm going to try to attach the problematic story file in a separate post.  Not sure if it will upload - might be too big.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Elizabeth,

Thanks for sharing the file here. So 11.1 works as expected? I'd change the trigger order for your other slides since it's set to jump to slide X before hiding the layer, although slide 11.1 is set correctly and that way when the user returns to that slide the layer should still be showing. You could also look at using the "resume saved state" setting versus automatically decide, and since you're using the review you don't want to use the "reset to initial state" as you mentioned it'll reset the question and treat them all as if answered incorrectly in the review. 

Also, what slide did you set up the "review" quiz button on? I didn't see it in the attached associated with your labelled results slide. As I also looked on that slide to see that the slides 11.1-11.5 were not being tracked by your results slide 5.2 and therefore wouldn't be shown in a review mode from that slide. 

Elizabeth Levine

Thanks so much Ashley, the questions are now being reviewed properly.

I guess I really don't understand the value of the "hiding the layer" trigger before jumping to the next slide.  I did move the hide the layer trigger before jumping and I did change the states to "resume saved state" rather than "automatically decide".  It's all working now.

I quickly threw together a clone of the project for the upload so the results slide was not working properly, as you mentioned in your second paragraph.

I appreciate your assistance and expertise.






Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Liz,

Triggers will be executed in the order they appear, and therefore the "jump to slide" trigger was occurring before the layer had a chance to be hidden. You can read more about that here.  

Glad I wasn't missing something with the results slide - and that all the updates allowed it to work for you.