Reviewing Storyline Quiz Questions not giving correct answers

Are there other people who are having issues with the Quiz Review not giving the correct results?

The quiz questions are working correctly but when users click on the Articulated  Review Button, it is saying that correctly answered questions are incorrect.

Am I missing something in the set up? Is there a known bug or what?

The only thing I can do with existing projects is remove the Review button when it does not work.

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Wendy Farmer

No you would change the number of attempts within the question from 1 to xx OR you give them the option to RETRY the quiz at the end - retry the quiz will reset the results so they can try again. If you only want them to retry the questions they got wrong you'd need to add in variables and triggers or you could use the 'submit all answers at the end' option - see this tutorial for how to do that - here they can go back and forth between the questions before submitting to check their answers.