Reviewing Storyline Surveys

Please help I'm desperate!!!

I've been ask to create an SL module to communicate my organisations strategy for the next five years.  the module is linear and periodically there are survey questions either short answer, essay answer or likert scale.  On all the relevant slides it says submit to result slide which is located at the end of the module,  However the results slide isn't capturing all the results and I've about pulled out all my hair trying to figure out why.  I've redone the navigation and sequence at least half a dozen times and nothing seems to make any difference.  Can someone please help me?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jo!

Be sure that you have your result slide set correctly. Result slides give learners dynamic feedback at the end of quizzes and surveys. They also send reporting and tracking information to learning management systems, including learners' responses and scores. See this tutorial to learn all about result slides.