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Philip Landry

In reference to the resources tab and pdf files....... I have added a resources tab to a slide that I want to be able to reference some documents which the learner can use by clicking the tab and selecting and clicking on the appropriate document. I published in "web" format, the documents are actually saved in the file that is the published package. When I click the launcher and start the course then get to the slide in question the resources tab comes up properly but the pdf files will not appear when the file name is double clicked?? The course restarts and opens another window asking if I would like to start again or leave off where I was ? the original tab where the course was playing is still on the same slide.  Is there anyone who has experience with this ? I thought that the pdf files being saved directly into the course published folder would resolve any link issues and make it easier?

Any help greatly appreciated.


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Philip,

Thank you for reaching out and sharing the details of what you are experiencing with your published file.

I have a couple of questions/ideas on the culprit:

  1. Is the pdf that you are sharing saved locally on your C: Drive? 
  2. Is the file-path of this pdf well below the 260 character limit that Microsoft recommends?

I've seen one or both of these issues cause the issue you're seeing in your resources. Here's some additional documentation.

Philip Landry

Ended up being web popup blocking issues and local software issues.

Resolved. Thanks

Philip M. Landry
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