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Aug 24, 2014

Early in the lesson I use the data entry option to have learners enter their thoughts on the topic. They then complete over 100 slides. At the end of the lesson, I want them to see what they wrote before, and then return to the end of the lesson summary slides. I know how to set the data entry slide for revisiting, but am not sure how to get the learner back to the end of the presentation when they are finished reviewing their original thoughts.

Essentially, I want the data entry side to go to the next slide the first time, and a different slide upon revisit. How do I set up the triggers for this?

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Nicola Appel

Hi Annette,

I really like your idea of letting the learners review their previous answers! Have you thought about using a hidden button on the page with the answers?

On the lesson summary slide you could define a variable and add a trigger (add +1 to the variable) to the button that lets them jump back to the review. The hidden button should only show when the variable is "greater than or equal to 1" and once it does, it can link directly back to the summary page.

Hope this answer helps - if you need more assistance just let me know.

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