Revisit Slide Issue

I have a few slides in a course that have the status of the next button set to disabled at the beginning of the slide and then it changes to normal after the state of certain objects have changed to visited. The problem I'm having is that when the user goes back to return to a previous slide the next button becomes disabled again. I have the slide properties set to resume to saved state.

I can't share the actual course, but I've mocked up two of the slides to share. (I've used Bob Ross lorem ipsum. Enjoy!)


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Crystal Horn

Hi Melanie!  I took a quick look at your file.  Your trigger to disable the next button will fire every time the timeline starts on that slide.  And since you are resuming the saved state, you can't really change the states of those tabs to visited again.

The disable trigger will fire UNLESS :)  we put some conditions on it.  So I used the condition "if one's state is not equal to visited, OR if two's state is not equal to visited, OR if three's state is not equal to visited."  So, if any of those tabs aren't visited, that next button will be disabled.

But once they're all visited, that trigger to disable the next button won't apply.

BTW-  so excited that Bob Ross is on Netflix now.  Sigh.