Revisiting a Graded Question in Storyline 360


I am certain this is a very easy fix but I am having a problem trying to figure it out. I have a bunch of knowledge check graded questions sprinkled throughout a course I am working on. When the learner revisits those single questions, I'd like for the learner to be able to see how they answered along with the correct response. However, when the learner revisits, all the learner can see is how he or she originally answered the question. I want to repeat, this is not a question or questions tied to an exam or post assessment at the end of the course. These are just single questions that are spread throughout.

Can someone assist me with this? I'd like for the learner when revisiting to be able to see how he or she responded along with what the correct answer is.

I have attached an example of how it looks now on a revisit. Please excuse the scratching out of the content.



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Walt Hamilton

What I have done is use regular slides, and avoid the built-in functions of question slides. After the learner submits, I show a layer that shows the correct answer without obscuring their answer. I set the slide to resume saved state on revisit, and if you don't need to report the grade, Bob's your uncle.

If you want to report the grade, there are a few more hoops to jump through. You need to build a question slide that they don't see that is graded to pass on their score. Use a variable to set whether they answered correctly or not. Pick one slides make that pretty easy. See the attached sample.