Revisiting a quizz question

Hi everyone, 

I use SL 1 and have built a quizz with only multipel choise questions. I want the user to be able to go back to earlier answered questions and still view what he/she has answered and then pick another answer. But if I choose (in Slide Properties) "Resume to saved state", then it is not possible to choose another answer. The other answers are inactivated. If I choose "Reset to intial state" then of course the earlier answer is gone. Is there anyway to solve this? 


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Emily Ruby

Hello Maria!

When you allow the users to "retry quiz" the results need to be reset for them to select a new answer. Using the resume save, or resume initial is over ridden when you reset the results. 

If you allow unlimited attempts on the question itself, they try again feedback will direct them back to the question without removing the answer they chose.


Maria Jonsson

I must ask again so I don´t misunderstand this. According to Emily Burnett above I must have unlimited attempts on each question, then try again feedback and set "Reset to initial state" on each slide. Then the user can go back and change answer. But my customer really don't like this.

1. In a final test (which this is) I don't want any feedback until I answered the last question.

2. The user cannot go back and change an answer, it is either removed since I must have "Reset to initial state" or not possible to change if I have "Resume saved state". 

Is there any other way to solve that I can have multiple questions with no feedback and the user can go back an change earlier answers before the last question is answered and final score is set? 

Unfortunately I'm not good in creating Javascript... 

Any suggestions? 


Emily Ruby

Hello Maria!

You would need to set the question to Rest to Initial State if you wanted them to be able to change the answers before they get to the results slide, or set the question to Unlimited attempts, and use a feedback slide. You could alter the feedback slide to have any content that you need, not just the built in "try again" layer that is added.

Hopefully others will chime in with additional options.

Maria Jonsson

Hi Emily :-) 

Thanks but since that is not a satisfactory solution for the customer and I must deliver now I have decided to just use the Submit button for navigation control (no Previous) and then the user can go back to the beginning from the result slide and choose to review everything from the beginning with the correct/incorrect answers feedback. Then also choose to do the test again from the beginning if they failed. This will be good enough I think.  

I have made a feature request on this earlier so we'll see. 

Thank you again :-)

Lizzie Angell

Hi all

has any progress been made with this feature request?

Seems like a thing that should be possible already, most eLearning requires users to be able to change their minds about answers during tests, and also flag up answers to go back to.

Suggested fixes above don't work for my project as there will be no feedback, they get a score at the end, but the learner should be able to go back and review their answers before submitting.