Revisiting a Slide

I have the next button hidden (when the timeline starts) on most of my slides. It is revealed after the learner triggers it. My question is how do you have the next button unhidden when your learner returns to the page for a 2nd, 3rd, ... time?

I do not necessarily want the learner to complete ALL activities a second time when they try to review the course.

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Muhammad Nurul islam

You can use a  variable and triggers.

First have a variable that mark whether the page has been visited or not. You can name it Page_1_visited. So when we first come to the page the variable should be False (if bolean) or 0 if you use number variable. THis variable should change to True (or 1) once you click on the Next button. Adjust Variable page_1_visited to become True when user clicks next button. (I assume there is a trigger that makes to Next Button normal)

Second put a trigger with a condition. Change state of NExt Button to Normal when timeline starts if Page_1_visted=True (or 1 if you use numbers).

By the look of it you must use a different variable for each page.

Hope that makes sense