Revisiting a slide with an increasing variable

Sep 01, 2015

Howdy all,

This is my first project.  It includes multiple scenes followed by a test.  If they fail the test (or just throughout the project want to revisit a scene) they have that option.  Here lies my problem.  Several of the scenes use an increasing variable.  Each time the same button is clicked, the variable increases by "1".  Then different layers are visible based off of whichever variable # they are up to.  I thought selecting the option to "reset to initial state" when revisiting would solve my issue but it does not.  When you revisit the slide the button does nothing and the slide remains inert.  The slide appears to be reset, but the button doesn't work.  I assume this is because the variable doesn't reset.

Any ideas on how to restart the variable upon revisiting?



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