Revisiting layer issue

(Note:) I got it to work previously but lost the initial set up I had when I played around with it because of the fact that on revisiting it started showing the "you must complete your answer before submitting" instead of the correct/incorrect layers to show up.

Michael Marcos returned with the initial set up that works but again on revisiting I get the "you must complete your answer before submitting" if I enter the wrong answer. My file is attached below where I have a variable for when the timeline starts but it doesn't seem to make a difference. Any suggestions are welcome Thanks Tina

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Michael Marcos

Hi there again Tina,

Thanks for sharing the updated file. Glad to see we got the ball rolling.

Although I can't simulate your issue, I did get some odd behavior in repeating the steps you posted above.

  1. Answered all the fields correctly, hit submit, the correct layer shows
  2. Went back and changed one of the answers, nothing happens.
  3. Went back and changed all the fields to incorrect answers, the "Incorrect" layer shows.

In reviewing the project, the  trigger conditions to change the state of Button 2 to selected  requires text entries 16 to 21 to all be incorrect because of the AND operator (Button_2_Properties,png).  I changed all of the operators to OR and deleted the last condition requiring "finished" to be == True.

In previewing the project, the button 2 (incorrect layer), now comes up by changing  just one of the test fields to an incorrect entry, even after previously submitting the correct answers.

Tina Bridson

Hi again Michael

A big thanks to you for working out I needed the or condition for my incorrect button. It is behaving exactly as it should both on first visit and on revisiting. It is good to know for anyone else who wants to create the multiple fill ins too.

Have a great week! and thanks again