Revisiting object whose state has already triggered a variable

Jul 24, 2014

How do I keep the state of an object from changing from Selected back to Normal, thus reversing a variable?


I have 5 scenario's a person can watch in any order.

Once all of them have been selected, the hidden Continue button's state is changed to "Normal" (visible)

The caveat is if a person decides to watch a scenario again, it changes the state of the object back to Normal and the Continue button disappears!


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Greg Faust

How are you tracking whether each of the scenarios has been watched?

To be clear, the situation is:

  • User must click all buttons/tabs at least once

  • If and only if all Scenario buttons have been clicked, Continue button is visible

Try the attached file. When clicked and released, each button goes to the "Visited" state, and re-clicking doesn't change this fact. All that's needed is one trigger that watches for all the buttons to be in the "Visited" state at any given time, and this trigger makes the "Continue" button appear.

Let me know if this suits your needs. If it doesn't (e.g. if the buttons are in a button set), you'll probably have to use variables.

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