Revisiting puts the user in a loopa and presents dual layers.

Ok, I've checked everything and I cannot figure out why this is happening.

I set my revisit mode to 'Reset to initial state' because I'd like the use to be able to come back to the first layer of a multi-layer slide if they need to. They'll click a button label, 'I need to review'. When they go back through the layers, two things occur, that does not occur the first time around.

  1. One of the layers shows the base slide beneath it. It looks like I didn't close the 'eyes' on the objects I don't want to show. But I did, and it does not do that the first time around.
  2. During the second time around, the user ends up in a loop and cannot get out.

Any ideas on what is causing this?

I'm thinking you may need to see what I'm speaking of so here is the .story

The looping and dual image begins at slide 1.8

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