Revisiting Question Bank: How to ensure the question numbering remains the same when I revisit the slide?

Jun 22, 2020

I have a bank of 120 questions. I want 20 to be drawn at random on each attempt. The numbering part is fine but when I revisit the slides after halfway doing the quiz, the numbering is not the same as the number before I exit. 

Example: I close the launcher at Question 14, after I reopen and resumed where I've left, it will prompt me to Question 10. (By right it should bring me back to Question 14 when I resume)

ps: I've tried to change the setting in slide properties to Automatically Decide, Reset to Initial State, and Resume Saved Date but I still hit the same problem.. 


Does anyone have any insight or additional ways to make question numbering to remain as where I've left. 

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