Revisiting questions when Retry

Jun 05, 2013

I have to create a question bank of 10 questions and show only 5 questions randomly. Also need to show the result screen. This much is achieved.

But the problem is to revisit incorrect questions only, when "Retry" button is clicked.

Please help me out on this.

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Sheetal,

Just want to make sure I'm understanding what's happening. When you attempt to retry the quiz, you're only seeing the questions that were answered incorrectly on a previous attempt. Is that right?

That sounds a bit odd. Are you able to share the .STORY file, or import the questions into a new file, so I can take a look?


Brett Rockwood

Sheetal, I have had possibly a similar need, if I understand your question. I wanted to have a quiz where the results slide only showed the student which questions they got wrong. So for example, a 10 question quiz that doesn't show question level feedback where the passing score is 70% and the user misses #2 and #7 scoring 80% (passing the quiz). I'd like the results slide to show the student score 80% and that they missed questions 2 and 7 (including the content of questions 2 and 7 and how the user marked them, not just their numbers). I have yet to figure out an elegant way to accomplish this... Any thoughts?

Sheetal D

Hi Christine, thanks for the reply. The scenario of question bank is as follows,

Show 5 questions out or 10 questions from the question bank. On the result page show "Retry" button if the score is below 80%. This much is done.

The problem is with try again functionality. I have to show the questions which are incorrectly attempted by user. Correctly attempted questions should not be shown again when "Retry" button is clicked.

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