Revisits show unwanted layer

Hi Everyone,

I have created a custom menu as per a discussion on the forum a few days ago and it's great...except for one problem...

I've created the menu on a master slide and within the menu I've added a button to re-start the module, when I do this and then navigate back to the page where the menu was opened and restart selected the menu re-opens. I've changed the layer properties in the master slide to 'Resume initial state' but this seems to make no difference?

Also the tutorial also suggested that you set the menu layers to 'Prevent the user clicking on the base layer' but when I do this once the user has opened and closed the menu the page becomes locked and you cannot navigate away from the page or re-open the menu...

Any idea's would be greatly appreciated as this is driving me mad!



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Louis Wilkinson

I think I have attached the SWF file to this post...

To see the issue click a few screens in and then access the side menu choose 'Start the Module from the beginning', once you navigate to the screen the menu was opened in the side menu re-opens?

I have turned the 'Prevent the user clicking on the base layer' option off to allow you to see the first issue.