Rewind button does not work when 'when revisiting' is set to 'resume saved state'

I saw a few other discussions about this but they were like 2-3 years old..


Anyways, this is what's happening at the moment:

If you want the rewind button to work, you have to set 'When revisiting' to 'Reset to initial state'

This makes zero sense to me. The rewind button is on the slide that I'm on, I'm not revisiting it, I'm already there. There shouldn't be any link between 'when revisiting' and 'rewind'. If I press 'rewind' it should always rewind, not only under certain situations. Think an old fashioned video tape. When you put it in the player (or revisit it) it remembers where you were last playing it. When you hit rewind... it rewinds. The only time rewind fails is if you're at the start already.


Also, the workaround to remove the seeker bar is no good either. We don't want to remove functionality due to this bug (also it's more noticable at the whole seeker bar is gone compared to a rewind button that doesn't work)


I don't have high hopes that this bug will be fixed soon but I thought I'd do the right thing and make a discussion about it.




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Mark Wong

done. you're telling me a rewind button that doesn't work when you click on it is by design and not a bug?

States are really cool. being able to 'resume saved state' is really cool. eg. on page one, you have some audio and animation, and then after it finishes a list of links appears, when you click on one, it saves that you've clicked on it, you go to another slide. after you're done with that slide, you go back to page 1. You have to use 'resume saved state' otherwise it starts at the beginning and it doesn't save that you already clicked link 1. You need to click all the links to proceed so without 'resume saved state' you're stuck there.

but then the rewind button doesn't work. If you could just hide the rewind button if it's set to 'resume saved state' (since it never works in this case at the moment), we could work with that, but we have to remove the whole seeker bar, not allowing the user to replay the audio/animation at all.

Hiding the rewind button is probably an easier 'fix' for the dev guys but let me know what you think



Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Mark,

I certainly understand how it could be confusing and that's why we've asked folks to send in the feature requests. I share that it's by design based on our documentation here on how the rewind button should and will work. I'm not a part of product development team, so sharing the feature requests is the best option. As you've mentioned already, hiding the seekbar also hides the rewind button - but I know that is also not what you're looking for. 

Mark Wong

I still see this as a bug and not a feature request. That's like saying "I would like a feature that when I press play on the remote control it works while I'm standing in the living room, not just while I'm sitting on the couch".

A user was testing out an Articulate elearning module and wondered why the rewind button wasn't working on some slides. They recorded it as a bug and when I said I couldn't fix it, they said "why? it's working on other slides."

What am I supposed to tell them? It's "by design"? Tell them to look at the documentation? I'll repeat myself, this makes zero sense to me as a user of Articulate and zero sense to users of the elearning module.

Anyways, the request is done. We'll see what happens.



Bérengère LITTY

Thank you Mark for stating our point of view with so much clarity.

We totally share Mark point of view and I guess nothing have changed about this topic in the last months (... and years apparently).

If this button is not working logically (but it's a design choice I respect even if I don't get it), why not giving us the possibility to hide it while keeping the seekbar?

Laurie Stephan

The conditional seekbar is great, but if I need to set everything to resume saved state in order for that to function, then how is the user to view the slides again if the rewind button doesn't allow for replay?   Am I missing something here? Is there a way to set it up so that both can occur?  That is --so the conditional seekbar works and a viewer can see a slide over again?  My slides have layers.