Rewrite Awkward Sentences template

I downloaded a template that I would like to use in a Rise course that I am developing. I do not know how to stop the text entry field from showing up on the other layers. I thought that you created this but I could be wrong. I also want to change the "type your rewrite here"  to type your  "response here". Let me know if you created this or can help by telling me how to change those two things.

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LaVon Bowman

Sorry, I was put on another project for a time. Thank you for your response to my question. The text boxes are on 3 of the layers. I solved the text field showing when not wanted.

This is a template that one of your Articulate staff members developed. I am using it in a Rise course. I have attached a capture of the base layer and the slide layer panel. This presents three brief scenarios. Asks you to write your version of a well written "warm referral" for a counseling situation. the first layer displays the situation and a text box for you to enter your "warm referral". you press submit. the scenario is displayed at the top and your version of a great warm referral below on the left and our example of a great warm referral on the right. That way they can compare theirs with the SMEs example. 

I put in a warning layer telling them to enter their version before they can continue to the next question on another layer. It works great for the first one but takes them back to the base layer if they try to skip entering text in any of the other text fields on other layers. I also need to get a completion so the continue button in Rise becomes active. I did publish with the tracking setting 

Here is a link to the Review file.


Ren Gomez

Hi LaVon,

I clicked on the link to your Review file, but I was never able to come across the "Warning" layer, and every time I tried to move forward without typing any response, I just returned back to the first slide with directions.

If you're able to share your file publicly here, feel free to do so by clicking Add Attachment, otherwise you can share it privately with our support engineers, and we'll delete once we're done taking a look!

Ren Gomez

Hi LaVon,

Thanks for sharing your file! I took a look and made some edits to the Slide Layer Properties for each slide, as well as the trigger conditions when clicking the Submit button.

For Awkard1, you'll want to uncheck the Hide other slide layers option as you'll want the Warning layer to pop up if they don't type anything. If they do, only then will the Rewrite1 layer show. You can see this in the conditions when the user clicks the Submit button.

After that, I went into the Slide Layer Properties for the Warning layer, and selected the option to Hide slide layer when timeline finishes so that the warning goes away after 5 seconds.

I've attached my changes below. Be sure to review the slide layer properties for Awkward1 and Rewrite1 to get an idea of how the slide should interact and apply those changes to the other layers! Hope this helps!