RFQ: City budget tool

Oct 16, 2014

I work for a city interested in having a citizen budget tool. We own Storyline and Studio, but don't have the staff time or expertise to create something from scratch. We are looking for something along these lines: http://coquitlam.citizenbudget.com/

The tool would need to allow us to first provide some information to users, then ask questions and allow users to respond by using a slider or something similar to indicate how much more or less money should be spent on a variety of services. I could see having a page for each major service area (policing, fire, parks, recreation, roads, water & sewer, neighbourhood development, etc). Each page would have a blurb about the service area, give the impact(s) of changing funding levels, then letting people adjust funding according to their own opinions. I like how the Coquitlam tool asks for property value (or defaults to the average) so the funding adjustments are customized to each users' actual tax bill.

Rather than us having someone build this for us one-time, I thought if it was built in Storyline, we could simply update the information and dollar values each year.

I don't know if this is possible, but is there a way also for us to get the information back in electronic form (we use Fluid Surveys here; similar to Survey Monkey, with downloadable reports). Otherwise we would have to get people to email an answer summary page I guess, and collecting that data would be onerous.

I'm looking for ideas, time and cost quotations.

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