Right Click hotspot problems Articulate 360

Is there a fix for a right click hotspot that does not display the triggered layer, but instead acts as if the user is right clicking outside of the player?  I have had this happen in a few modules. Most of the hotspots work correctly but occasionally what appears is the device's desktop right click drop down menu instead of the layer. Also it appears to be device specific as the hot spots work correctly on some computers but not all. These hotspots also are not recognized by Ipads.   I have tried replacing the hot spot, bringing the hot spot forward...any ideas out there?   Thanks Kathleen

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Kathleen  Baumgartner

Thank you for this great work around idea. I added the transparent object to a different spot on the slide and created the same trigger as the original hotspot.  I left the original hotspot in place just to see what would happen.  Again I published the project for review. Interestingly now, both the original Hotspot and the work around hotspot worked correctly (did not trigger the 'desktop drop down').  They both worked correctly for the PCs.  However on the IPad neither of the hotspots were recognized with the 'press and hold'  right click option.  While I will have to rework this slide sans the right click option, I do appreciate the brilliant idea you provided.  Thank you.