Right-click in preview, output


I thought I remembered right-clicking (as in a software sim) working in preview and but not working on local published output (and of course it works on the LMS). It's not working in preview for me. Maybe I'm remember wrong... ? This is making it a challenge to see if my slides are working and what they look like.

Is this the normal behavoir in Storyline 2?




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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Amy,

I don't have a timeframe to offer in regards to the fix, but will share any additional information with you here once it's available. It seems that the issue appeared in Update 5 of Storyline 2, so if you still have Update 4 (and don't need the features/functionality of Update 5 or 6) you could use that version. If you need a copy of the installation for that, please connect with our Support team.