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Hi all,

I am working on an application simulation with Storyline and Screen Recording. In the application there are some right mouse clicks. You get a context sensitive menu.

In the preview modus within storyline the right mouse click is working fine. But when I published it to HTML or SCORM I get the Flash Context Menu when I click right.

In Captivate I could add some HTML lines to overright this. How does it work in Storyline?


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Peter Faulhaber


Thanks for your answer. I read the thread. But HTML5 is not the solution. I have to publish in SCORM for the LMS for the tracking and tracing.

What I learned is: You can "disable"  or "overrule"  the standard right click flash menu when:

  • you are in a secure flash environment (eg. LMS in case of SCORM or the SCORM cloud)
  • AND you have to add some lines in the html file (this is the case within Adobe Captivate.

How should it work within Storyline in case of a SCORM package? I create a screen recording. Edit the page to a right click and publish it to SCORM. Put the SCORM in the LMS. Is that how it should work?

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Peter,

The thread I mentioned earlier was a suggestion from another community member that had discovered a workaround. However, I do understand if HTML5 is not an option for you. Unfortunately, modifying the HTML file isn't something we support. A screen recording results in a Flash video, obviously, and by design right-clicking is going to result in that Flash menu.

Now, if you believe modifying the HTML file or editing it in a secure Flash environment will work, you're welcome to try. We just can't support that method. 

What I would suggest is posting in the Building Better Courses section of the forums, to see if any other community members have worked with something similar. If so, they may be able to provide some suggestions for working with this in a SCORM environment.

Best of luck on the project, Peter! I am curious to see if you're able to get this working. If you do find a way to accomplish this, please share it with the community.


Robert Noska

I know this is an old post, but I was able to find a workaround while doing screen simulation.  In "Try It" mode, it would not allow me to right click when the course was published.  But I noticed it had created a "Correct" layer on the slide that wasn't being used.  I created a trigger to show the "Correct" layer when the user would right click, and that solved the problem.  To make a seamless transition, I just deleted everything off the "Correct" layer, set the delay to like 1-2 seconds, and had the slide transition to the next slide when the timeline on the "Correct" layer ended.

I'd be interested to see if this works for other people as well, but from the looks of it, so far so good.