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I am into the development of an eLearning course using Hebrew language and I got stuck with the order of the text when it is placed in the Closed Captions. Need to know whether there is any feature of Right To Left in closed captions.

ยท         Storyline version - 3.30.19518.0

Need help in resolving this issue and much appreciated.

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Katie Riggio

Greetings, Khaja!

We do offer right-to-left language support in Storyline: Click here to learn more on how to enable it for your course!

Additionally, I did want to mention that our team is investigating a few reports where right-to-left text might not appear correctly in the Closed Captions Editor.

In the meantime, we have these workarounds: 

  1. Copying right-to-left text from another document and pasting it into the Closed Captions Editor seems to be more consistent than typing directly into the editor. 
  2. Another option is to open the Closed Captions Editor and let it auto-generate caption placeholders that are synced with your content, then click Export Captions on the ribbon. Open the exported file in a text editor, such as Notepad, and type your captions below each timestamp. Save and close the file, then import it back into the Closed Captions Editor.

Let me know if you come across any issues there! I'm happy to add your experience to the report so we can update you with any new information.