Role Based Course

I am fairly new to Articulate and I really love the community and sharing feature you all participate in. 

So I am looking to see if anyone oout there can help me. 

I have been charged with creating  a course containing several lessons navigated by a specific role.  I began with a great template shared by the cmmunity group.  that suited the need and is working well with the navigation part.  But I am looking for expert advise on best practice when it comes to building the role based lessons and returning to result pages by role. 

I tried to put all the lessons(6) into one scene with multiple role based table of contents but came into a roadblock when i was triggering the results and progress across roles having the same lessons for multiple roles.

So i decided to break out the roles into seperate scenes and duplicate lesson slides, role based table of contents and role based result slides acrosss the scenes. (6 lesson scenes, introduction scene and individual assessment scenes)

Is there a better way or suggewstions to tackle a role based course with 6 lessons containing Content,  Review and Exercise sections for each plus additional slides?  

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