Rollover not returning to correct layer

I'm having problems with something that seems like it should be really easy - and maybe it is and I just need a nudge in the right direction. I'm creating an interaction that consists of three layers:

Base Layer: User clicks a button to go to Layer 1.
Layer 1: User places mouse pointer over a button to show Layer 2.

My problem is that when the user removes the mouse pointer from the button, the Base Layer displays again instead of Layer 1. If I clear the Restore on Mouse Leave check box in the button trigger, then the display stays on Layer 2 when the user removes the mouse pointer.

How do I get Storyline to show Layer 2 on hover, then return to Layer 1 when the mouse pointer is moved?

The file I'm working on contains proprietary information so I can't share it, but I've attached a file that contains a similar interaction.


Jennifer J. Williams

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James Murphy

Hi Jennifer

   I looked at the file and it asked me to update the project when I opened it. What version of storyline are you using ? It did the same thing for me even after I changed the button to a shape and deleted and reapplied the the triggers and remade them. All I can suggest is to try using states as described in this discussion thread were the gentleman was having a similar issue. 

       hope some of this helps


Jennifer Williams

Thanks, James!

I'm using Storyline 1.

I did attempt to use button states (and thought I was really clever for thinking of it!) but can't get that to work correctly, either. The rollover behavior is fine, but I can't make it "roll out" to return to the correct layer. It just gets stuck in the rollover state unless you move your mouse pointer off the slide entirely.

I've attached a version of the file showing my attempt at using button states.

The rollover/rollout behavior is such a basic thing that I figure there must be some way to make it behave.


- Jennifer

Jennifer Williams

OK...I figured it out. Since rollovers are such a basic feature of many software applications, I feel like this should be easier to simulate than it is. But it works (file attached).

I ended up swapping buttons for shapes, but I don't know whether that made any difference.

- The Base layer is the same as it was in earlier files.
- Layer 1 contains a shape with a trigger that displays Layer 2 on mouse hover. I cleared the Restore on Mouse Leave check box for this trigger.
- Layer 2 contains multiple shapes that cover all parts of the screen capture except for the area that triggered the rollover on Layer 2. Triggers for all of these shapes display Layer 1 on mouse hover, and again, I cleared the Restore on Mouse Leave check box.

In my first attempt, I tried grouping the Layer 2 shapes and creating a single trigger for the group, but that had some flaky results so I stuck with separate shapes, each with its own trigger.


- Jennifer