Rollover Pop Up Text boxes on screen

Mar 29, 2017



I am trying to have several pop up text boxes on a single layer. Here is the situation. I am working in Storyline 1

There is a drop down menu on the screen with several items to select from. I want the user to be able to roll over (hover) a menu item and have a text box pop up describing that menu item. I am pretty sure this can be done. Can anyone pint me in the right direction? 



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Michael Shannon

Hey John. There are several ways you can do this. The simplest way is to use the hover state. 

  1. Click on one of your graphics/buttons that's in your dropdown menu (the assumption is that you're using graphics/buttons to create the menu).
  2. Open the "states" menu and click on "edit states"
  3. click on the "hover" state and then add whatever you want to appear in the hover state. For instance if you need a description then insert a text box and type in your description. 
  4. click "done editing states" 
  5. repeat for other menu items 

Another way, but a bit more involved is to use layers. This assumes that you have your menu on the base layer. 

  1. select your button/graphic
  2. add a trigger: show layer > "your layer with description" > when mouse hovered over 
  3. Make sure the "restore on mouse leave is checked. 
  4. Put whatever you want on that layer.
  5. repeat for other menu items. 

Let us know if you have other questions about this.