Rollovers in Captivate SWF file not working in Storyline

Hi Heroes,

I am converting an existing Presenter course to Storyline and am experiencing a lot of problems with Captivate 4 SWF files that played fine in Presenter but not in Storyline. My most recent encounter is rollover popups. They work fine when published as a Flash Movie in Presenter and do not work at all when published through Storyline. Can you help?



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Diane Peters

Thanks Peter...

The only way I know how to add a Captivate SWF file to Storyline is using the Insert>Flash function described in the tutorial. I know that, and not Insert>Video is recommended if I want to retain interactivity. The click boxes and text-entry fields work but the rollover does not. Also, the cursor should change to a pointer-hand and it does not.

I have uploaded the .story and .swf files to support and am grateful for the help.