Room / Lab Floorplan Template

Hi Friends,

I am searching a template where I see an apartment or a lab with 3 or 4 rooms from above. I want to create different courses for one product and each room has it's own information. I want to have a guy walking from room to room and then switch the view to front view...I have multiple templates for the front view but nothing where i see an apartment or lab from the top. Is there something like this available so i don't need to put all backgrounds together from scratch?


thanks so much for your help



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I made a floor plan from above using a drafting program...but you could easily do it with shapes or pptx with shapes. I just did the basic kind of floor plan from above that you would see in a plan for building. Then when the person clicks the part on the plan up comes the "walk-through" view with the actual view or photo.