Rotated Text Failure in Storyline Update 2

Dec 20, 2012

I have a slide with a post-it note and text rotated to align with the angle of the note.

It looks fine in flash, but the text doesn't rotate in HTML5.

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Tim,

Looks like this happened quite a while ago. I'm not sure if Sam was able to get this resolved, or not. 

It also appears to be a known issue that we're currently working to resolve:

Articulate Support - Rotated Text or Background Color disappears in HTML5 Output

Can you take a peek and see if that's the same issue you're experiencing, please?


tim lambert

Hi Christine, Geert, Sam

Thanks for the information. There does appear to be a small bug with rotated text in HTML5 which is not exactly as described above. Rotated text displays fine if it is a text box that has a animated transition where the text appears 'all at once'. However if you select 'By First Level Paragraph' the text rotation is not applied. 

One solution would be to have each bullet or line of text as a separate text box and animate this 'all at once'.

Hope this helps and can be incorporated in the next update. 


Michael Howard

I had this problem - text won't display in the Storyline player if it's rotated 90° (I was using both portrait and landscape display in the project - so text needed to change orientation to fit). Mine was to display a variable (holding the user's score). I fixed it by rotating the text through 82° and displaying it that way. I'll attach a screenshot showing the fix...

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