Rotating items in states wacky results

Jul 04, 2019

Hi all

I am in need of assistance. I am really frustrated by the issue I am currently facing and I hope someone may have a fix for me.

I am in the process of building a slide where the learner is an archer and needs to aim at the various targets. I have a bow which has multiple states. Undrawn, Drawn, Aim1, Aim2 etc. The idea is to take the drawn bow, and rotate it toward the targets before firing. The problem is, I have the drawn bow state and I can create the rotated version, which is perfect when in the state edit  mode, but once I leave edit mode, the bow moves to a completely different position on the slide. I have a feeling that it has something to do with the anchor point of the image (which is impossible to change, no idea why) and therefore when rendering the edited image, the rotation is applied with a position, and not statically.
I am attaching two screenshots. The first is the position of the bow in state edit mode,  the second is the position of the bow once I close edit mode.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!



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Lauren Connelly

Hi Marcia!

Thank you for providing the images of your slide!

It is best to start with understanding the settings and states of each object.

Are you able to share the project with us using the "Add Attachment" button on this discussion? If you would prefer to share the project privately, please do so by using this link and our Support Engineers will take a look at the project. Either way, we will delete the link after trouble shooting. 

Marcia Kitshoff

Thank you Lauren. I will send a link to the support team. I found a workaround by not duplicating a state but creating a new instance every time, including a new instance of the image. This works, but is a lot more time consuming and a lot more difficult to get the position of the image exactly the same each time.

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