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Dec 19, 2017

Hi all,

Whilst searching for some inspirational Einstein quotes, I found a web page with a whole pile of them, neatly hidden behind images of the man himself in little squares. I love the way it's been done, and would really like to take this idea, and use it for the eLearning I'm building!

However, I can't find an easy way of doing it, and thought I'd see if any of the clever folks here could find a way of replicating this action. Here's a screen recording of the animation I want to try and replicate

It's just a square that spins round a centre point, with different text on the back, that rotates with the square when it's hovered over...  

If anybody can replicate this in Storyline 360, I'd be very grateful! :-) 

Thanks, and Happy Christmas to you all


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David Tait

Hi Paul,

I've had a go at creating something in SL360 although it's a bit messy. Personally I don't think it's a useable solution as if you want lots of flip cards on a single slide you're going to have a lot of layers, triggers and random shapes to contend with. However, I wanted to share it with you just in case it gives you any ideas.



Paul Williams

Thanks David, That's pretty cool..  Like you say, to put 4 or 5 cards on one slide would be a bit messy, but thanks for the ideas. The site I viewed had a load of these flip cards, and when you mouse over them, I like the effect...

It's not an issue in any way, I'd just love to be able to reproduce it in SL. Maybe a feature request on the animations is the way to go... more choice on how far to swivel, or which way etc...   

Thanks again :-) 

David Tait

No problem. 

It might be worth submitting that feature request as the flip cards are available in Rise so who knows, it might not be a massive leap for the developers to add them to SL360 too. They'd definitely be a good addition.

I've just requested it to add an extra voice, here's the link: 

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